Overcome Fear of Failure

Because you are human you likely struggle with things like procrastination, self-sabotage, fear, low self-confidence, and negative self-talk.

Even though these are common problems, most people don’t have not much clarity on what is behind all that. Believe it or not, it’s often an underlying fear – the fear of failure. And it goes without saying that it affects your career, relationships, business and performance – often leading to a lack of fulfillment.

Meditation and personal development offer you powerful tools to overcome these blockages.

We shouldn’t need to fear failure. But, if we take a deep, honest look inside ourselves, we may see that this fear is indeed there, influencing our decisions. Fear of failure is a limiting emotion/mindset that affects you in many ways – in your career, business and relationships. So what can you do about it? Just accept that this is how things are for you, and live with it?

NO. You can do better than that!

You can actually rewire your brain, so that fearful stories no longer stop you from being the best version of yourself.

What would be possible for you if fear was not holding you back in life anymore?

• You wouldn’t feel stuck, so you’d be able to live life more fully, and really go after your real goals or dreams
• You would feel the freedom to be yourself, and feel actually good about it
• You would enjoy more self-confidence, more achievement
• You would have less worry, anxiety, and stress
• You would not feel limited by negative self-talk, perfectionism, or shame

“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will” – Suzie Kassem

Once you get the course, if you feel the material is not right for you, then just make use of my 30-days money back guarantee and get a full refund. Zero risk.

So now the real question: Are you ready to overcome fear of failure?

This course will help you not only with fear of failure, but also in overcoming many types of emotional blockages. This tried and tested framework of personal development will give you tools for life! And we all need the right mindset tools in order to live a more meaningful and more fulfilling life!

The right tools is the key point here – and these are sometimes different from what most self-help gurus out advise. For instance, there is much talk about visualizing your success. Yet, most of this advice is misguided nonsense, and can even be harmful. Why?

You may visualize having a multi-million dollar business, or winning a competition, or having the perfect relationship, for as long as you wish. However, in the actual process of walking towards those goals, many unexpected obstacles will come, and your visualization has not prepared you for those.

When that happens, your visualization is unconsciously perceived as a lie, as there is a strong mismatch between your reality and your visualization. There is a subconscious split in your being, where part of you believes something needs to be happening, while the other part sees that it’s not. The result is often frustration, exhaustion, and confusion.

Also, as strange as it may sound, visualizing the attainment of the goal drains the energy out of your motivation, and your desire to succeed/improve. Your brain thinks that everything is already done, and that it can cool the fires here and now. Researchers Heather Kappes and Gabriele Oettingen published an article in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology proving exactly this point.

So the point  is this: we all struggle with fear and other emotional blocks, and we need the right tools and the right mindset to manage these inhibiting emotions. And that’s where this course comes handy for you.

If you have bigger plans for your life, career, or business, then you will need to take risks. You need to push the limits.

Otherwise, all you get will be the average life – and that’s not exciting, not fulfilling, not unique. Not the best version of yourself! And, whenever you need to take some risks, to get out of your comfort zone, the voice of fear comes up. How you interact with this limiting voice determines much of the life you’ll lead.

Are you equipped with the right tools, mindsets, techniques, and motivation to conquer this voice of fear?

What are you going to do with about it? If you do nothing, your future will be a projection of your past and present. But if you educate and empower yourself, then no internal obstacles will stop you.

This a 12 weeks course, with over 40 lessons that will teach you, among other things:

√  The three guiding questions to determine if your fear is limiting or empowering
√  How to find the exact mindsets and emotions underpinning your fear
√  The power 3OP Technique for rebalancing negative emotions
√  The framework of Exposure Therapy and Facing the Worst
√  The 7 Steps to Seeing The Bigger Picture
√  How to integrate the fearful parts of your personality
√  The transforming mindsets of fearless people
√  The frameworks for using Affirmations and Visualizations effectively, and why many self-help authors get it wrong
√  Finding your life vision and your unique values
√  How to use your breath as an emotional emergency relief button
√  Hacking your inner dialogues to be more loving and empowering
√  Using meditation as a tool to overcome fear

What is the cost of living a life restricted by fear, self-sabotage, low self-confidence, and negative self-talk? And what is the price of living a life where you feel in control, where you are empowered to take steps towards your real goals?

This course will give you solid tools to overcome psychological fear, and other emotional barriers.

As a reminder, there is a 30-day money back guarantee, and a 60 days “this is the best overcoming fear of failure course online” guarantee. So if you are interested, you can try the course with confidence and peace of mind. No risk for you.

You know how your life is with fear of failure. Now give yourself a chance to experience how your life can be if fear and negative self-talk is no longer pulling you down!

Give your heart a chance to speak, without the blockages from your mind.


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