Deep Sleep

There seems to be something powerful about the way we start things. The first day in a new job, the first impression when meeting someone, the first steps when going through a transition in life. It’s as if the energy and intention we have when starting things have a ripple effect, and determine what is […]

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Overcome Fear of Failure

Because you are human you likely struggle with things like procrastination, self-sabotage, fear, low self-confidence, and negative self-talk. Even though these are common problems, most people don’t have not much clarity on what is behind all that. Believe it or not, it’s often an underlying fear – the fear of failure. And it goes without saying

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Calm and Free

It is possible to live with less anxiety, less stress, and less mental noise and negativity. And you know what? Life is much better once you make that shift. With the right tools, you can do this. Meditation is key to this transformation—and I think that’s why you are here! Is Your Mind Anxious? You

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